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  • Thank you for visiting my website!


    Please take a few minutes to read my website about the issues and how to contact me. Voters want

    their government to be responsive – I will work with you, the voter, to make that happen. I humbly

    ask for your vote on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020. Thank you.


    A message to voters.


    I am running for re-election as State Representative in the 56th District because we need to continue the

    work we started over two years ago. We need a strong voice in the Kansas Legislature that reflects the

    values and work ethic of our community. The past few years have seen an improvement in our budget,

    KDOT is no longer being used as a bank and new construction projects are being funded and approved – not canceled.

    Our unemployment was at just 3% in January 2020. Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Businesses were hit hard,

    schools closed and lives have been lost. We need leadership to bring Kansas through this crisis and move Kansas forward.

    The citizens of Kansas take pride in our great schools, strong communities and our business environment.

    The challenges are great but with strong leadership and working together we can make Kansas better than before.


    Thanks again for your interest in my campaign. I am out in the community and neighborhoods almost every day

    talking about the issues that affect us. I look forward to discussing the issues we want Kansas to move toward in the future. Together, we can continue to make Kansas a great state to live in.


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